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Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...

We try to do our very best to make you feel at home.
But beware, we hold no responsibility if you find yourself experiencing some homesickness when you leave us, even for the first time.

4 steps to A-Stay

4 steps to A-Stay

  • Fair

    We want to enable anyone to travel, so we price fairly. Also, we understand we only have one planet, which means we’ve done everything we can to reduce your stay’s impact on our city.

  • Flexible

    We are flexible because you book a room and decide to add on any services you think you’ll need. We flex to your personality, by using technology to access and design features in your room. Just the way you like it.

  • Connected

    Our Playground is designed for interaction, so go ahead! We love connecting with locals in the city to get you the local flavors in our 24/7 Grabn’Go, or the best spots to visit for the real taste of our city.

  • Playfulness

    Really? Do we need to explain this? Yeah, we like to play! Life isn’t that serious.

Passion led us here

Passion led us here


Head of A-STAY Operations

Oneto Romero

Head of Product Development


Head of Technology


Head of Marketing


Financial Director


CEO ad interim